Race to the Bottom or Race to the Top?

A child born into this world enters with a state of joy. A new born does not innately know how to hate another person because of their skin color, disability, religion, background, gender, and age. Hate is taught compared to love which comes naturally to the human heart. Hate can sometimes get in the way of love for which we must learn how to combat with love.

I have been profoundly affected by the recent events which have revealed the concerning state of the United States and its race relations. A long history of discrimination in our country capped off by the senseless killings of Ahmud Arbary, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd in the past few weeks has created a rift in our society. Despite the difference of opinion, there is indisputable evidence that police around the country have racially profiled minority groups since their creation. I cannot ignore the pain, anger, exhaustion, and calls for accountability from members of my local community and state. Additionally, I can’t ignore the thoughts and concerns about what has transcribed over recent weeks shared with me by my family, friends, and colleagues. I concur with and support many efforts of individuals and organizations that work to strengthen our involvement as citizens in the policing of our communities
across the state of Maryland.

Our communities are hurting from the events over the past few weeks. We are not only in desperate need of repair but these events have also caused us to deeply reflect on our responsibilities both as individuals as well as citizens of a greater community. The injustice and violence must stop. However, it will only end when we can address injustice and violence with every available resource and at every possible angle. As an attorney, I will continue to fight for justice, equal protection, and due process of the law for everyone.

As a law firm, we are addressing the often-sensitive topics of diversity, inclusion and most important equality. It is my firm’s desire to not lay low but to give way to voices that are far more important then our own. We as a collection of humans must commit ourselves to be better. We as humans and as a society must influence change in our families, businesses, and communities. Our mission must be to inspire others to fight for a system that pursues justice and progress.

I fully understand that I may not have the perfect solutions but I do have ears ready to hear, a heart ready to understand, and hands ready to work. If you have any suggestions on how I can eradicate racism and further justice and peace, please contact me and let me know.

I have always been the sum of many parts. You are a part of me and I want to be a part of you. Together we can both be human.

As I reflect on my responsibilities and actions as an attorney, I realize I must help educate others. I am providing a list of resources that I think could encourage us to create a better future.

Below are the anti-racism resources that you can use to educate yourself and others as well as organizations that you can donate to or volunteer for to help eradicate racism in the United States:

Organization to Donate to or Volunteer for:

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